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WHAT!?...We Do Metal Roofing?

That’s right! You heard it here first. We also offer metal roofing since we know these projects sometimes encompass all aspects of your structures exterior. We carry all major brands and high quality materials. Our team of experts know exactly what they are doing and want to assist you with your project. 

What Style Is Best?

With a variety of styles available we want to work with you and find the perfect fit for you. Depending on your structure we will help you determine the best solution in terms of style, gauge (thickness), and colour. 

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Home with siding damage in need of repair

Maintenance & Repair

While the durability of metal roofing is unmatched, accidents and/or damage can happen. We are here to help relieve some of stress of such events and help find a solution to protect your home. 

Why Should I?

Metal roofing offers all of the benefits of metal siding on the most important part of your structure. Your roof. Metal is durable, fireproof, excellent against extreme weather conditions such as cold. Your new roof is guaranteed to last for generations. Our expert installers with their attention to detail are confident you can rest assured knowing you and your family is protected for years to come. 

vinyl siding being installed

Reach Out Today!

401 Siding Ltd. FAQ

There are a lot of variables involved in pricing your roof. The size of your structure, the type of material, and the style. It is hard for us to provide an estimate without first visiting your home or business. We want to ensure you receive the best estimate possible because we want you to feel secure about your investment. 

Your new metal roof can last anywhere from 50-100 years!

Absolutely not! We’re more than happy to come out and visit your structure to talk about how we can best meet your needs. 

While we are brand new in name having been incorporated this past year. Our sales staff and installers have been in the industry for over 30 years. You can guarantee expert knowledge to help you find the best siding solution for your structure.

Metal roof solutions are considered the premier roofing solution because of their durability and longevity. 

Properly installed siding & roofing solutions are the biggest deterrent in pest protection. Our expert installers make sure your product is installed in accordance with each brands specifications to mitigate pests. 

From inception to end 401 Siding Ltd. will assist you the entire way until your project is complete. Projects can range anywhere from a few days, weeks, to months, depending on the scale, availability, and time of year. Reach out and let us know what your timeline is and we will do everything we can to meet your goals. 

No brand is alike. Some brands only offer certain types and styles, while other brands only specialize in one facet of roof solutions. Give us a call and let us know what you are looking for.

Find The Right Style Of Siding For You!

Let 401 Siding Ltd. help you find the right solution for your structure. Our experienced sales staff will come to you and help you determine the best fit for your siding project.