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Most homeowners ignore this until it's too late.

Are you one of them?

When did you last check your eavestroughs?

If you can’t remember, it’s time to pay attention.

Your eavestroughs keep your home safe from water damage.

They move water away from your roof and foundation when they work properly.

But when they’re old or broken, trouble starts.

Water leaks into your walls, basement, and foundation. 

Before you know it, you’re dealing with mold, rot, and expensive repairs.

That’s why it’s important to know… the 3 signs it’s time to replace your eavestroughs:

The 3 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Eavestroughs

  1. Your eavestroughs are sagging or pulling away from your house. They’re not doing their job anymore.
  2. You see rust or holes in your eavestroughs. Water leaks out and causes damage.
  3. Your eavestroughs are more than 20 years old. Even if they look okay, they might not work well.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, it’s time to act. 

That’s where we come in.

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Why Choose 401 Siding?

At 401 Siding, we’ve been helping homeowners in Ontario protect their homes from water damage for years.

We know what it takes to install eavestroughs that last.

We use the best materials and techniques.

Here’s what makes us different:

But don’t just take our word for it.

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How It Works

  1. Schedule a free consultation: We’ll come to your home, assess your needs, and give you a detailed quote.
  2. Choose your materials: We’ll help you pick the best materials and styles for your home and budget. 
  3. Professional installation: Our skilled technicians will carefully install your new eavestroughs.
  4. Final inspection: We’ll do a thorough quality check to make sure everything works properly.
  5. Enjoy your protected home: With your new eavestroughs in place, you can have peace of mind knowing your home is safe from water damage.

The 401 Team In Action

Take Action Today

Don’t wait until water damage becomes a costly problem. 

If you’ve noticed any warning signs or your eavestroughs are over 20 years old, it’s time to act.

Contact 401 Siding today to schedule your free consultation. 

We’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure you get the best solution for your home and budget.

Remember, investing in your eavestroughs now can save you time, money, and stress later. 

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